Photo Courtesy of Mathew Lynn

Michael J. Lutman

 Director - 


Photo by Matt Lynn.


San Franciscan born Michael J. Lutman has filmed documentaries around the globe. Following the renowned Alasdair Fraser from Scotland to Spain, the 5 Gyres Institute pollution research from Brazil to South Africa, and endurance social cyclists across Vietnam, Cambodia and Sri Lanka, he has a relentless passion for making soulful and thought provoking films. Since 2010, Melbourne has been Michael's home base where he has produced and directed 3 full-length documentary films, while working as a full-time film editor at the award winning post-production house, The Butchery. After recently completing the visceral short film Chautauqua, set in the post-earthquake Nepal, Michael has jumped into post-production another short documentary about an independent thinking Afghan girl's pursuit to play the viola at a co-ed music school based in Kabul amid the instability and extreme conservatism that has ravaged Afghanistan - set for completion early 2018!